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其实 on 和 about 在种情况下是一个意思,没有专业和业余的区分 (看一楼的解释) a report of 要看后面接的是什么,可能是关于的报告,也可能是来自的报告, 也有可能是报案 (a report of abuse),或者别的用意.


Weekend activitiesWe had a pretty healthy weekend! Yesterday, we went on a trip with Richard's company, to hike from Fulong to Dali station over the historical trail. It was a full day trip, and the hike was a couple of hours. Kyle was in the backpack


a report on an accident可以参考了:)~~July 9th,2005 Friday SunnyYesterday evening, my father was driving his car back home, he saw accident.On his way home, he saw a girl riding her bike in front of him. There was the girl sitting behind her.


福建省教育厅阳光中考信息平台上就有. 英语以A Report on Weekend Activities为题用英语怎么写一篇短文 中国领先的教育产品 《右脑王英语学习机》:30天,流利英语脱口而出 躺着学的革命性工具 1个月学不会英语退款. >零基础,会说中


a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University. First I must say the campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high school.For instance,I used to lean upon my dormitory teacher to wake me up on time.But now I

Build a Harmonious Society Dear fellow students, Our government is going to build a "harmonious society". I think it is everyone's duty to work hard to achieve this goal. As high school students, what should we do ? First of all, we should love our


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