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BE CArEFul短语

be careful about 1.迷恋某人2.小心,注意 be careful with1.照顾;对…过细地2.小心3.小心;当心4.对…小心/认真 be careful of1.当心…对…仔细2.爱惜,注意3.当心,注意,仔细4.当心,小心

系动词be 后接表语,所以是从类型角度归为 系表结构 词组 望采纳!

look out

be careful=小心,当心 只有B. Look out有同样意思.A. be supposed to=应该 C.be friendly to=友好 D.look through=看穿,透过看

take care look out be cautious of/about /to on the watch caution keep an eye on keep an eye out for 哥们就这些了~多了我就不知道了

有.careful|kefl|adjective ①(prudent)谨慎的 (gentle)小心的 to be careful to do or about doing [something] 小心谨慎地做某事 careful of that nail!当心那枚钉子!be careful with that knife!用那把刀时要小心!望采纳!谢谢!

be cautious 都为谨慎、小心的意思 希望能够帮到你哟

你好!be careful of和be careful with后接人或物 be careful about后接事希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

like;be careful of someboby

be careful be careful with take care of drive carefully v+carefully


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